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CEMA, nice to meet you

With more than 15 years of experience producing and distributing high-quality (ceramic) bearings, we can now count ourselves among the best-known names in the cycling industry.

What started as a passion for bikes and mechanics back then is now so much more than that. It is the drive to make the biggest difference with the smallest parts. Because that's the only way to reach the top. 

100% Taiwanese quality and European service

CEMA is always in motion, while always remaining true to its Taiwanese roots. Technicality, quality and reliability at the our main concern. These qualities are complemented with excellent customer service across the European market. Feel free to call or send an e-mail. For all your customer queries, we are here for you.


CEMA offers a wide range of ball bearing related parts for your bikes and this in different variants:  ceramic and steel wheel bearings, bottom brackets with ceramic or stainless steel bottom bracket bearings, pulley wheels, headset bearings, tools and accessories.

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